Always seek and always be faithful

Peter 0 159 2017.08.20 06:55
I havent studied the Bible as much as some of you out there, but there are a few teachings that I keep close to my heart. I do not remember which chapter or verse this comes from but this is what I remember... In the Bible there was a man who had a sick family member and wished that Jesus would heal that person. When Jesus had come to town, a crowd surrounded him. The man could not see him so he climbed a tree to be able to see him. When Jesus had reached him, he had done what this man was seeking. From that story (I call it a story because I cant remember the exact words the bible used) I learned that you must seek the Lord in order to recieve what it is that you so need. You must also always be faithul in the fact that the Lord can provide in every way...The man was faithful in the way that he knew Jesus could heal with no doubt in his mind. He knew that only Jesus can save the one he cared for. He also made a great effort in seeking him. He had climbed a tree in order to be able to see Jesus. He had sought after Jesus, continuously looking to find him... I dont know about all of you, but I will continue to seek him, I will continue to be faithful to him... zero.gif
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DATE: 2008.09.05 - 21:03
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