Remember the Lord...

Peter 0 151 2017.08.20 06:56
As Ive been living in this Mission Church, Ive realized that Ive spent most of my life without thinking about the Lord. Even here I have a difficult time thinking of him in outside situations. I often rememeber the rubber bracelets they gave out back in the USA. The bracelets were of different colors and often had the letters WWJD written on them. The letters stood for What Would Jesus Do... That is exactly what we should be thinking in any and all situations. I know that is very difficult. It is easy to forget to think that way in this stressful, high paced society that we live in today. For those of you and including myself, who cannot remember to think that way, I suggest seeking the Lord as much as possible. We often put the Lord aside as we go about our daily lives. We include him into our lives only when we have the time, or only when we feel the need for him. These days we schedule everything and our lives revolve around that schedule. Instead of revolving our lives around that schedule, I believe it is best to put the Lord at the center and have our schedule revolve around the Lord. In this way, maybe we can continuously keep the Lord with us in any situation.... zero.gif
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DATE: 2008.09.06 - 15:12
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