Changes are so difficult

Peter 0 149 2017.08.20 06:57
I personaly don't like when things just change out of the blue. I have a hard time adjusting. I had recently gotten used to the life here in the Mission Church. But the addition of some new people have forced the Mission Church to change things around in ways that make me very uncomfortable. Also within a short time I am to move to a different location for the Mission Church. All of these changes make for a difficult transition. As I was speaking with my brother over the phone today, I was explaining to him my difficulties. He had of course offered me some advice. The main point is those that are offering their lives to serve the Lord must be ready to change as the Lord so seeks for them to change... That makes me remember some sermons I heard back home. It was a sermon about the meaning of worship and everyday life. In order to really be in worship, your heart must be in it. To only mechanicaly sit through worship is not true worship. That theory should also be used in everyday life. Your heart must always be with the Lord in all everyday life or you are not truly living. So with the Lord in my heart, i am sure I can deal with any change, any difficulties. I give my problems, my difficulties, my insufficiency, to the Lord... I give my life to be a servant of the Lord... zero.gif
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DATE: 2008.09.08 - 09:12
LAST UPDATE: 2008.09.08 - 09:16
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