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Peter 0 151 2017.08.20 06:57
Well, I havent written here in a little while. Recently my faith has been wavering. Its been hard to concentrate on my spiritual journey. But just recently there was a strong message that I had heard that really stuck with me. I cant remember what verse in the Bible explains this but it does tell about taking the Narrow road versus taking the wide road... I choose the narrow road now, but in my past, i had always chosen the wide road. If you look at this in a literal worldly view, then this makes absolutely no sense. Nobody would understand why I would choose the narrow road. Even on when driving, traveling on a wide open road would seem so much more comfortble than traveling on a cramped narrow road... But in the spiritual sense, this is truly the right choice. When traveling the wide road, there are many options. Many different things that a man can do. But that wide road will surely lead to your own destruction as it had once did for me. For the inexperienced, the wide road seems great. But at the end of that road, there is nothing but despair. Now, the narrow road, although it seems to be a cramped and optionless way of life, it is the happiest way to live. It is called the narrow road because the final goal in the narrow road is to be with God. This is the road, the path, the journey that leads to a happy life with our Lord. Because, in the end, isnt that really what we are all really looking for, or atleast that is what we should be looking for... Living the life on the narrow road is a tough one. Ive only started on the first few steps, and Ive already come accross so many hardships. But I will honestly say, even with these difficulties, I have never known such happiness. I am waiting to see what will be at the end of this journey. I hope to see all of you there too... :) zero.gif
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DATE: 2008.10.14 - 18:55
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