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Peter 0 152 2017.08.20 06:58
The time between each time I write here seems to be getting longer and longer. Ive recently moved on from the mission church and am now working on registering for Seminary School. I am in Seoul now, and being here, I find that there is much around here that has the ability to cause my downfall spiritualy. But at the same time, being here also provides new resources in learning about the the Lord. My favorite experience so far is with a good friend of mine. He had been causing alot of trouble with all of us here and has caused many to fall. He even had me stressed and confused on how to handle the situation. I found myself in much anger and grief. I spent much time wondering and thinking about how to handle this situation. Continuously growing in my anger. Each day I spoke and pleaded with my friend. I had thought that if I could just be the understanding and nice guy, maybe he would cease to do the things that caused all this trouble here. Over and over I had tried to handle this situation with the best of my ability. As I continued to try, I failed each and every time. Nothing I tried would work. Every attempt was only met with contempt and disregard. I soon had nothing else I could do. I soon became helpless and insufficient. When I had became that way, I realized that I had started to become much depressed and almost destructive myself. That is when I decided to pray. I only prayed because I could do nothing else. So I continued to pray. Praying each and every chance I could. And my prayer was answered.... I am not going to say whether I recieved the answer I wanted or not. But what I will say is that... I could not handle this situation because I did not have the Lord with me during the situation. I was only thinking of worldly ways of curing my problems and troubles. But when I was left with nothing else, I finaly gave it up to the Lord and He had handled it for me. I was insufficient in the task and the Lord made me sufficient.... Where I had gone wrong on my experience is not that I wished to solve this problem, but is how I went about it. I should have seeked the Lord long before anything had happened.... zero.gif
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DATE: 2009.01.12 - 07:07
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