So Tired...

Peter 0 145 2017.08.20 07:05
Wow... It's been a long time since I've written anything in here. Anyhow, I felt the urge to write here because of some experiences that have brought me to this point. I will honestly say that I am really tired and even sick of living the way that I am living. I have no time to rest or enjoy life. Each day consists of tiring work. My only day off of normal duties is on Saturday. But then, even that day always gets filled with tiring work. I don't even get proper amount of sleep or even the proper meals each day. I find myself continuously sleepy and hungry. Because of the exhausting nature of the way I have been living has also led me to become very ill for the past few weeks. So It wasn't bad enough that I have so much work to do but I am also now very very sick. So what reason do I have to continue doing all this? Should I just quit? I will admit that these questions have come to my mind many times. I had decided on this path because I wanted to serve the Lord. But the Lord has only brought me hardships and misery in my path. So why would anyone want to take the path that I have taken?... I was once told a story about a woman in China. She was a Christian woman. Living in a time when Christianity was against the law. Even if it was against the law, she atteneded an underground church to worship the Lord. Some time later, she was caught. She was thrown in prison while her family, her children were left to fend for themsleves. She was coninuously offered a way out of prison. They offered a piece of paper. A piece of paper that stated that there is no God. All she had to do to go back to her family was to sign it. Time and time again they offered this to her and she always refused. Many years later, when she became an old lady she was released from prison. Her family no longer wanted to be with her anymore. Her family rejects their own mother for leaving them. But still she always raised her praises to the Lord... Whether I am given troubles or blessings, I am to believe in the Lord. To recieve blessings from the Lord is not the reason why I do the Lord's work. I continue to do the Lord's work because serving the Lord is the only way to truly live... It is was we must do. Believing in the Lord, having faith in the Lord, serving in the Lord, its what I must do... zero.gif
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DATE: 2009.04.04 - 12:40
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