More than a Promise....

Peter 0 138 2017.08.20 07:05
Well, I don't know about all of you but in my life, there has been alot of broken promises. Sometimes I was the one breaking the promises and sometimes people have broken promises they have made with me. Promises are a difficult thing to keep. I often have said things that I personaly cannot handle and I am sure that I am not the only one that has done that... Anyhow, I am reminded of a story. There was a young boy who spent his life struggling in every aspect of his life. He had not been a great student nor had a great personality. His parents often looked for ways to make this child strive for the greater goods in this world. This young boy had no ambitions and no will of his own. So the parents were trying to find some way to motivate him. They realized that they had to promise him something big in order to motivate the boy. So they promised the boy a brand new car of his choosing. Any car that he desired, whether it was a Kia or a Porsche. This was a drastic measure for the parents since they were not plentiful in their finances. This really did motivate him. He went to college, studied with passion. He found a job and worked hard in every aspect. As he was about to graduate school, it had come time for the parents to fulfill their promise. The boy had finaly finished his end of the promise to his fullest... During the time the son was working hard, the parents had suffered many hardship and set backs financialy. It was a truly difficult time for the family. And so, the parents were unable to fulfull their promise. Of course for those of you that know what it is like to be a parent. Being unable to fulfill a promise to your child is devastating. Im sure that it was for these two parents as well. The child felt broken. He saw the great rewards that his friends had recieved but he himself could not even recieve the fruits of his labor. He felt lost, he lost all the motivation needed to continue his hard work... The parents really did try hard to fulfill their end of the promise, but in the end, they were not able to do it. How horrible must they have felt knowing that they had taken away the one thing the child was motivated by. Most parents that I know, would do whatever it took to keep that promise. These parents were no different. They struggled and fought to keep this promise. But in the end, they had no choice but to break this promise...

There really is only one being in this universe that can keep any and all promises. Of course I am talking about our Lord the Father Almighty. People of this world, although may work very hard to be trusted and may even have the best intentions. But in the end, people can never completely fulfill everything. We people are extremely insufficient. But there is only one who is sufficient. The sufficient one has made us a promise. Probably one of the greatest promises that anyone can ever dream of. He has promised us salvation. Through the guidance of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit we can be saved. As it says in Acts Chapter 2 versus 38 - 39. But when the Lord makes a promise, it is more than just a promise. It is a covenant. It is unbreakable.

I am also reminded about another time. I was walking down the street. It was a great day. As I was passing by a store I saw an advertisement. It was an advertisement about a really nice portable power hair trimmer. The sign said, "THE BEST A MAN CAN GET", it also stated words as," LONG LASTING, UNBREAKABLE, NEVER NEED ANOTHER TRIMMER." It sounded good to me so I went in and bought it. I came home and used it right away. A few moments later, it was broken. The words on the advertisement were misleading. But the words of God are never misleading. His words are the true way. We people often speak words that mean nothing. But the word of the Lord lasts an eternity. Our promises have its limits but the Lords promises have no limits. It is in the Lord and only him that we can trust with no end. His covenant does not end with just me or anything else. His covenant is for everyone and has no end. I personaly dont think of Promises made by the Lord as simple promises. I think of them as Covenants. Which is something that is unbreakable... zero.gif
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DATE: 2009.04.09 - 17:18
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